An international Php development company : Simplyphp

The overall preferences and requirements of that category are respected by general software. However, companies and companies need unique solutions to solve organizational or work-specific problems. That's why customized software creation between companies is so common when it comes to php development company. It is important to know where to recruit and the place for that is definitely simplyphp. They have freelance adapted and available for each situations.

Recruiting a freelance web developer: Which countries to target ?

Which geographic area are you targeting? It is another critical matter that you need to discuss before organizing your work. The main developer networks are based in North America, the UK, India and Ukraine. This being said, you are not required to limit yourself to these regions. India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan are the four main offshore countries. India has over 300,000 developers, most of who are based in Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley. If freelance location isn't a problem for you, you'll easily find a professional developer in that area. Indonesia, Egypt, the Philippines, Chile, Jordan and Vietnam are also major providers of freelance web developers.

High expense

Developing a custom program can often be expensive, but in the long run, it proves useful. No constant change or improvement to meet the company's needs is needed for custom software. It can be used for a long time without investment.


The famous apps available on the market are typically hacked. The vulnerabilities of such software are already known to hackers and attackers and know where to compromise. Your team only uses custom software and minimizes the chances of intrusion.


Customized apps can be adapted to match the company's evolving needs. An application off the shelf cannot be manipulated at will and is always available. It's either too costly or unacceptable to continue using it.


A company uses a lot of software to operate. Custom software incorporates these and develops them to be compatible with other company tools. General software typically creates integration issues that are not present in custom apps.

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