Joomla is still alive !

While there are currently several powerful software for making websites on the Net, the most popular has not disappeared at all. Hidden behind other CMS platforms lately, Joomla still exists and is more powerful than ever. Moreover, the former users of this CMS have not yet forgotten it and is still using it. A little feedback on the existence of this CMS.

Rediscover Joomla

It is a very popular CMS with around sixty languages. It is an extensible software on the web and its power resides in its kernel, but what is most impressive with this content management system is that it is even more powerful once you have personalized it. It grants an ease in the layout and the organization of the contents of your site or blog because effectively it is a mechanism of management of the contents. Similarly, Joomla also allows for better editing of web content. You can schedule changes at any time and see the difference very quickly. This speed of treatment makes the celebrity of this CMS. In addition, there is no need to be a computer and web ad to be able to use this technology, it already offers models as if it were turnkey sites that you just need to customize according to your desires.

Joomla nowadays

If he has been on standby for some time, you can discover here that he is alive and well. Nothing new in the system but just some considerable improvements allowing you to take pleasure in creating your platform with ease. With intuitive templates and dynamic site templates, Joomla offers even more ease. Customization is a bonus offered to users since it is also an asset of this CMS. Nothing better than having a site of any design with a custom interface, easy interaction and even you can install web applications there. offers you these various types of website templates that several large companies have been able to use before and this has greatly succeeded them.

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