The skills to work with both client and server-side technologies

When you decide to start learning programming and website or web application development, you tend to focus on the principles of PHP. However, this method was certainly practical before, but nowadays, PHP alone can no longer meet everyone's needs, that's why there is client-side and server-side development.

Difference between client-side and server-side development

Already, it should be known that even their names differ, so these two methods of development should never be confused, since they are complementary. Therefore, it is just enough for everyone to determine the meaning of these two methods, to decide which one best suit each other's site, or its application. And to do this, it is important to remember that client-side or front-end development is mainly distinguished between HTML, CSS and JavaScript development, as well as site design. While server-side or back-end development takes care of everything that is server-side or hosted, or even the management of its application and databases.

Become familiar with both methods

To deserve its title, each php developers must nowadays master to perfection all technologies and development tools on the front and back end. Knowing that the front-end helps everyone to take better care of the part accessible and perceived by Internet users, while the back-end represents the part unknown to the public. As a result, both must be controlled, since the front-end ensures a good user experience for each customer, and the back-end ensures convenience and fluidity of the site, for a responsive response time. Understanding this, it is therefore necessary for everyone to find the right way to combine these two methods. It should be noted that this does not simply make the work easy but encourages you to optimize your development strategies.

In order to be able to combine front and back-end development, it is necessary for everyone to master both methods, otherwise it would be difficult to find the best combination to choose.

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