The PHP 7 is born from a Facebook Project

Since the announcement which came as a bombshell of the exit of PHP 7 announced by the CEO and founder php programing Rasmus Lerdorf last April at the conference O' Reilly Fluent in San Francisco in the United States, developers php are since then impatient to discover this new version of the most programming language use to create dynamics webs sites. Especially as his creator and inventor Rasmus Lerdorf promises to php web developement company improvement of 100% superior performances for the most part of the tested applications among which in particular a big improvement of server’s resources performances.

These various problems

However beyond the improvements brought many are the ones who seem unknown that php takemore executiveto some of revolutionary technologies invent by Facebook during four last years.

Indeed while the numerous problems presented by the last version of php in this particular case PHP 5.6 did not stop worrying the php developers, of numerous software developed by Facebook having smarter code than the code of php 5.6 were create to mitigate these various problems. For those, we shall quote for example:

1. HPHPc (HipHop for PHP): appeared in 2010, it aimed at transforming the code PHP into code C ++ before the compilation of the latter a feasible to improve the execution of PHP.

2. HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) create in 2011 which aimed at compiling has the instar of JVM (Virtual Java Machine) for Java and of the CLR for the Net platform, the code in a language intermediate, so called bytecode. This code was then compiled and executed in the request.
To quote only those.

Besides these technologies developed by Facebook, Zend also has had to have a considerable major impact during the last years with the release of ZEPHIR (Zend Engine Php Intermediate) in version alpha.

So for the conception of the php 7 a group managed by Facebook where we find Andi Gutmans, President of Zend Technology and creator of Zend Engine as well as the creator of PHP Rasmus Lerdorf was set up to correct the problems known by the previous version.
This says that the new version of php will be an information collection of two new technologies (Zend and Facebook) but in particularly of Facebook technologies.

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