The anti ddos solution for your online company

Now that your business has a real success because your website is always on the update, you have to make sure that it will continued like that. The matter is about those hackers who get more possibility to attack your website, so to be careful, adopts a new feeling with KoDDoS solution.

We don’t know about KoDDoS

No one will be surprised about the attack of DDoS hacker because it is a name so famous on the net. He stills alive and in a good action during many years ago, today, there is a hosting server who can help you to be stronger that DDoS. It’s called KoDDoS, there was many kings before him but until know he is your best solution. You can have two places on this society offshore, a seller or a reseller. The system is so simple, KoDDoS put a wall of anti-intrusion beside your server. To get an access to your website, KoDDoS gives you some coding that you have to transfer to your real client in which is not a simple visitor but a big investor. There is also some kind of traffic filtering to block directly client who checking information and not subscribe, because subscribe means putting a personal information and address IP detecting. Even he makes this so rapidly, the software that Koddos anti ddos solution works more clever and faster.

What is KoDDoS solution then?

There is more possibility to be in the right level of business online. First of all, this hosts gives you another IP addresses as sort of rescue solution. And after, he gives you 100 bandwidths for your big business, 350Gbit/s of protection against DDoS. For his clients, technicians are always free even at 4 am to advice you and adjust your matter in a different way on the net. You can trust this company about his knowledge and all the staff is able to convince you about this. And the last solution is about his big infrastructure for his datacenter service in Hong Kong, a big society of technology and an ecologic area, difficult to be attacked.

And for your information, this year KoDDoS make a big promotion about all of his offers, and even you are a startup one, you can have the best protection solution of your business online.

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