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With the evolution of your target and technologies, we suggest strategies, functionalities and site ergonomics adapted to your clientele, your operational reality and the reality of today and tomorrow. We help you to seize the opportunities that an ecommerce site provides. Choose Magento from all ecommerce platforms.

Follow the evolution of ecommerce towards B to B

Magento version 2 has been available for a few months. Taking over the concepts of the first series adopted by more than 250,000 e-commerce sites worldwide, this new release has been designed around a priority objective: to reduce by 50% the time needed to upload and publish Operation of an e-commerce site ("Faster Time to Market"). As a leader in B2C e-commerce solutions, Magento has evolved and is ahead of its competitors. In Version 2, Magento Enterprise Edition, integrating B2B modules, offers B2B buyers an intuitive, simple and powerful solution.
Meeting the needs of business-to-business commerce with B2B modules
If the digital channel represents an obvious growth opportunity for companies that sell B to B, their e-commerce site must be adapted to the purchasing characteristics of professional customers in order to benefit from it. An "Enterprise" customer does not buy as an individual, and especially every company benefits from specific commercial conditions. The B2B customer has negotiated prices, pays in account, requests quotations, negotiates, involves several collaborators in the ordering process, and so on. To address the complex and personalized B to B specifications, Magento 2 B2B Enterprise Edition now includes the main functionalities dedicated to inter-enterprise commerce. A short tour of the horizon :

- Dedicated catalogs
- Personalized prices
- Multi-contact company accounts
- Order passing
- Coupling with the company's computer system

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition

Magento 2 B2B Enterprise Edition brings together all the ingredients to solve the delicate equation of online business-to-business : to integrate the complexity and multiplicity of B to B order taking, while offering a B to C buying experience .

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