Everything to know about The PHP market 

Currently, the internet takes a prominent place in every person's life. When something becomes so important, there is always a demand. Discover what's going on behind the scenes of the web. How to profit as much as possible from the Internet?

A glance at the market

In 2017, there were more than one billion websites worldwide. The Internet has become an indispensable tool in people's lives, at least for those who know how to use it. In addition, the advent of smartphones has had the effect of increasing this demand. So there is a clear potential if you decide to start a web development company. In addition, if you manage to gain some notoriety in php programming, your agency will be known to customers. In Europe, especially in Western Europe and the Scandinavian countries, most companies and private companies have their dedicated websites. This is to say that the web market is today in full development. Websites always need updates and renewal. It can always be in your favor.

Web tarifs

The cost of creating a website obviously depends on several factors. These are usually the type of site, the number of pages and the quality of the design. There are also various features enabled by web applications. For this reason, the majority of web agencies first request a brief overview of the project. On average, the budget for a simple web showcase is five hundred to three thousand euros if you hire agents Freelance. That is, you are hiring reputable people, including a developer and an independent web designer. However, if you opt for a web agency, the full service will be from one thousand euros and can go up to five thousand euros. For an e-commerce site, the account will be from one thousand Euros and goes up to ten thousand euros for freelance providers and three to fifty thousand euros for a web agency.

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