Basic languages and technologies of Php

PHP is currently the scripting language most used by php developer for the realization of dynamic websites. It is a very comprehensive language that can be used for most applications, but it is mainly used to put databases online in websites.

Php languages

For less than ten years has appeared a new computer language for the creation and management of websites: PHP. Since its creation by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, this language has undergone a great evolution and has been adopted by the majority of web programmers. The current version is called PHP4, it has the advantage of being supported by the majority of Internet service providers.

This programming language essentially allows you to build dynamic websites, especially when linked to a database. The concept of dynamic website differs according to the expected result and the technology used:

  • the pages of the site are animated, it is the client browser that generates the animation (Javascript technologies, Java Applet, Macromedia Flash, etc.);

  • the pages of the site are created from information entered by the user, where from a database is then the web server that creates the pages (PHP technologies, Microsoft ASP, Sun JSP). The use of both types of technology is possible for the same site.

The PHP language enters this second category of dynamic sites, which we will define as "interactive" sites. There are two types of interactivity:

  • "Internet" interactivity: these are exchanges in real time, when pages are consulted, and there is an exchange of information between the user and the web server (eg discussion forums, frequently asked questions , guestbook, etc.);

  • Interactivity "Webmaster" (site manager): these are the updates on the site in a very simple and fast way (ex: press, catalog, e-commerce, etc.).

PHP has become the most used language for building dynamic sites. Millions of sites are using it today.

So, the rise of PHP is very much linked to its interface with the MySQL database (which will soon be the subject of a technical note), which allows to build more and more complex websites. The enthusiasm for this language has given birth to associations, organizations and international conferences to allow its development.

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