Are all methods compatible?

The web workers almost know ruby and the rails, it just means that this language has been able to impose itself especially against other languages ​​and other frameworks that have always been famous and used more than others. The RoR system is currently at the heart of web 2.0 technology, which means that people now want answers, responsiveness and, above all, much more dynamism for sites that are supposed to be static. Despite the fact that RoR is very well known at the moment, you still have to learn and understand the details of how this technology works, and it is not given to everyone.

Optimize the use of ruby on rails

One of the qualities of the RoR is that it allows a personalization to infinity but it is necessary to have learned it. The best way to learn ruby and its framework the rails is to practice it in a more or less professional work. The professional framework makes it possible to discover which methods are compatible with ruby on rails and which ones are the most used. But before reaching such conclusions, one must always know the strengths and weaknesses of a system and it is only after one can estimate that this system has no limit at least has nothing that Can actually handicap it against other technologies of the same level. Now we know that the rails is specially dedicated to the design of web application but what we want to know mainly is the possible compatibility of a web technology with a mobile technology on the basis that RoR did not Actually limit in its operation therefore has all the margins of maneuvers.

Orient the development method according to the objective

Each method chosen by a RoR developer depends on its ability to adapt the result but above all what is expected as a goal. So, when developing a web or mobile application for example, the professional will have to choose between several methods which may work according to each one but whose application depends solely on what is sought. Otherwise, you can choose to develop a native application, a web application or a hybrid application that combines the first two.

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