A strategic location ideally located

Whether you see an individual or a company, for the proper functioning of your site, you will always need protection against any external attack. It is by opting for offshore accommodation that you can benefit from such protection. But how to find such an offer? And how to proceed?

How to find an accommodation offer?

This type of offer is implemented everywhere on the internet. It has, for example, the service provider Koddos whose base center is located in Hong Kong, which can realize this type of offer. It realizes premium hosting services of the most upscale. Hong Kong is their strategic location and their ideal location. From this location, you can obtain a Remote IP License. Thanks to Hong Kong Web Hosting, you can get a free migration of your web site. You will also be protected against any DDoS attack in unlimited domains. They can also integrate the firewall of your server without forgetting the fact that you will have access to their control panel. With their IP licenses, you can connect to any telecom and those even remotely.

Their methods of operation

Located in Hong Kong which is the ideal location; koddos has the necessary materials and strategies that will allow you to protect your site from any harm, namely syn flood, dns amplification attack, tcp flood, flood ddp and many more. They provide you with several layers of filtering that aim to detect and mitigate attacks. Once it has been located in their networks, it will be blocked and sent to their cleaning centers. Once in the latter, the attack will be cleaned and effectively removed. Thus, your website will become more functional. This will allow you to communicate with your customers in an easier way. They can also make it much easier to buy online on your site. With Koddos, you can be sure that your data and your website will be secure.

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