A nice design works with php

The majority of these internet websites have grown in functionality and complexity. The time for simple personal page is gone because now it has to move. Users then choose a good and beautiful website that a site less evolved at the chart.

Knowing how to create a good design is not learned in a day. If you do not want to call php developers, you can roll up your sleeves and try yourself instantly. Otherwise, the php can really help you in your quest. This language can help you make it your living siteweb while making you benefit from many advantages.

In terms of design and ergonomics, you must absolutely not disturb the mechanisms that users have become accustomed ie a fast display in page titles, narrow columns, no underlined text, in msie airy page, readable text, no gimmicks, simple menus, a comfortable text size standard characters.

The design trend of the moment

Design trends for this year remain in the long scrolling long pages is continuing to scroll using anchors that gives you huyperventilation while setting the header of the site, giant video by leveraging the visual not the sound, using your card design mosaic gallery application to save the layout efforts, typography using only no more than three fonts on your web site, large images using a back- eg different plan for each page, interactive storytelling, the micro-interaction, mobile friendly, the hidden menu, the material design and the ghost buttons.

Make your own design without calling a web designer

If you want to do it yourself, simply answer the following questions, your user Will he connecer on computers or on mobile, how will the sizes of screens you have to manage, what the purpose of your users, how many shares will be required for them to achieve this goal, how long he will have to wait?

Once you have answered these questions, you should now find your inspiration and always stay consistent.

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